SG Letter

Dear Advisors & Delegates,

It is my distinct privilege to invite you to the Second Session of Berkeley Model United Nations China (BMUN China 2016) in Shanghai. This year, nine directors from the BMUN Secretariat and more than thirty crews selected from our Chinese associates will convene to host debate on some of the most pressing social, political, and humanitarian matters animating today’s increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.

Since hosting the world’s first MUN conference in 1951 at UC Berkeley, BMUN has dedicated the past sixty-four years to providing highly educational spaces for critical engagement and collaboration. It is in our commitment to extend our teaching­based approach to MUN beyond the borders of the United States, that we have established our partnership with the non­profit and student­run organization, Project ConneXion, as well as Rising International Educational Co. Ltd., to host Berkeley Model United Nations China, Second Session.

We couldn’t be more excited and promise to ensure that BMUN China is both an accessible conference and a unique opportunity for intellectual and interpersonal growth, which means delegates can benefit from the same dynamic UC Berkeley learning experience. Firstly, as a student group at a public university, we pledge to make our conference in China a strictly non­profit and financially transparent event. As per our agreement with our partners, we will work to make our conference as affordable as possible and will publish the financial information upon its conclusion. Secondly, we are excited to host six committees of different sizes and experience levels. In addition to general committees such as the 3rd Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian committee (SOCHUM) and the World Health Organization (WHO), we will have a number of specialized committees, including the Security Council (SC) and the Chinese State Council (CSC). Students in these groups will tackle a range of important contemporary issues that are currently subject to discussion at actual United Nations meetings. We aim to maintain an active quality of debate, and the most tailored learning experience for your delegates by keeping committee sizes reasonable, and a high ratio of dais members to delegates so that each delegate can actively participate and benefit from our MUN experience.

In addition to this mailing, you can access further information regarding the conference at our website,

Thank you for your time and interest in our BMUN China conference. We look forward to seeing you all next March in Shanghai!

Brandon Doan
Secretary-General | Berkeley Model United Nations China, Second Session