SG Letter

Dear Advisors & Delegates,

It is my absolute delight and privilege to invite you to the First Session of Berkeley Model United Nations (BMUN) - China on the weekend of May 29-31, 2015 in Xi’an, at which there will be 13 directors from BMUN, more than 30 dais members selected from our Chinese associates and about 600 delegates in the conference, together discussing topics related to both the international society and our life.

Berkeley Model United Nations, rooted from University of California, Berkeley, one of the world’s most famous public universities, is a sixty-three-year-old organization with a rich history of bringing high school students together to discuss and collaborate on the relevant global issues of the present. This time, in accordance with its goal of popularizing MUN as an educational activity in a non-profit and accessible way, BMUN diligently selected 13 of its experienced directors who are undergraduate students, and set up the exciting new partnership with the non-profit student organization, Project ConneXion, as well as Rising International Educational Co. Ltd., to start its new session in China, where MUN is undergoing a prosperous yet challenging time.

On behalf of the spirit of the organization and university, we hope to bring that history and its essence to the fore of our first BMUN China conference, so that our delegates in China can partake in the same educational and international experience that we offer in Berkeley. Firstly, as a student group in a public university, we endeavor to make our China Conference a non-profit and financially transparent activity. As an agreement between BMUN and its partners, we promise to make the conference a highly affordable one and publish the financial information by the end of it, of which we think is an arrangement that follows our goal of popularizing educational MUN and highly distinguishes BMUN China from other American-Chinese conferences.

Secondly, from the academic perspective, the conference whose features eight committees of varying sizes and levels, with each discussing some of the most pressing issues facing the world today. From the classic General Assembly committees to the Joint Cabinet Crisis, each of these committees will be dealing with modern global problems that the real United Nations presently hopes to resolve. Moreover, as a responsible spreader of MUN, we try our best to maintain a moderate scale of committees and a reasonable ratio of dais members to delegates, to guarantee the opportunity of each delegate to actively participate and experience the charm of MUN conferences.

Aside from this letter, you can find additional information regarding the conference at our website

Thank you for your interest in our conference, and we hope to see you in May at BMUN China!

Gabriella Espinoza
Secretary-General | Berkeley Model United Nations China, First Session